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    A plain language guide for Self-Determination Program participants, family members, and professionals. The book profiles ten children and adults who are currently in the traditional regional center system and how they imagine their lives changing under self-determination. It also tells the stories of participants and professionals in the pilot project. Email for costs and shipping.

Christine's Story

People with disabilities want to be in control of their lives.  I can say from personal experience that whenever I had choice and control over something important in my life, I felt happier and more satisfied. The power of choice and control leads to greater life satisfaction.

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Abner's Story

A major problem is that my community often feels intimidated by the regional center who knows that some of us are low-income, don’t speak English well, and lack formal education.  And then we face people with Masters and PhDs, and they use their position against us.

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Danny's Story

Danny has faced significant crises from family tragedies and his mental health.  Sadly, the systems that are designed to support individuals with developmental disabilities through crises lack the person-centeredness, flexibility, and willingness to truly help the person and his family.

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