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Top 10 Reasons to Join Disability Voices United

  1. Support one of the only statewide California advocacy organizations directed completely by and for individuals with developmental disabilities of all ages and their families.
  1. Receive updated information on the issues you care about and that affect you or your family member.
  1. Find out the latest on the Self-Determination Program and the federal inclusive settings rule.
  1. Join us in working to end racial/ethnic and geographic disparities in regional center services and education.
  1. Support an organization that will fight back against cuts from the Trump Administration to Medicaid, which will affect regional center services, IHSS and health care.
  1. Get invitations to trainings, events, and conferences sponsored by Disability Voices United.
  1. Back efforts to make regional centers and school districts more responsive and accountable to students, self-advocates and their families.
  1. Help pay for the transportation costs to send self-advocates and family members to Sacramento to fight your rights!
  1. Support an organization that fights for improved education, employment, housing, and social opportunities and a better safety net when people are in crisis.
  1. Become part of a powerful network that will produce change in our education and developmental disabilities systems to make our regional centers and schools better.

How much does membership cost?

Become a member of Disability Voices United NOW!

Affordable Annual Membership Fees

Note: Membership fees can be waived for self-advocates and family members who are unable to pay. Just send an email to and put “Membership Fee Waiver” in the subject line.

Self-Advocates (individuals with developmental disabilities) - $5

Family Members - $25

Supporters & Professionals:
Students - $25
Direct care staff - $25
All other professionals - $50

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