Eden Rapp

HI my name is Eden Rapp.  I work at MOD Pizza in Rolling Hills Estates, and music is my passion.  My goals are to become a stronger self advocate, a woman of faith, and to learn how to be independent.

One of the things I enjoy doing is becoming a better self advocate. In March 2019 I lobbied in Washington, D.C.for 2 bills as a National Down Syndrome Society ambassador. After talking with my senators’ staff about The Transformation to Competitive Employment Act, in fact Kamala Harris decided to co sponsor that bill. I also lobbied for the Marriage Access Act for people with special needs, so that getting married does not force you to lose benefits. Representative Gil Cisneros decided to sponsor that one as well as the employment bill.  It was fun being able to encourage them with my story.

I also lead a club for young adults with disabilities to become stronger self advocates and better readers. Not only do we read books in the beginning of the club, I also teach them independence like money skills, safety, how to have meaningful conversations, and so on. I see a lot of growth in them in social skills, independence and reading. It is fun seeing them grow like that.

Also last year I participated in a webinar called Finding Your Voice (related to Dan Habib’s  Intelligent Lives) and it inspired me to come up with my own curriculum that I plan to use in the fall with my UpVoice friends. I have led workshops for the National Down Syndrome Congress conventions; and to help me become a better speaker, I am in Toastmasters, and I will be earning my Competent Communicator award this year.

I am looking to making a difference with you all.

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