Judy Mark

Judy Mark has a 20-year old son with autism, which led her to become co-founder and President of Disability Voices United. As Government Relations Co-Chair of the Autism Society of Los Angeles and a board member of Disability Rights California, she helped lead the successful effort to enact California’s self-determination law.

She remains actively involved in the implementation as a member of the DDS workgroup and Chair of Westside Regional Center’s local advisory committee. She has spoken extensively throughout California and trained thousands of individuals and families about self-determination, person-centered planning, and rights under the Lanterman Act.

Judy is currently a faculty member at UCLA and teaches an undergraduate course in the Disability Studies Department. Her past professional experience includes over 30 years with national policy organizations, most extensively focusing on immigrant and refugee rights. Judy lives in L.A. with her husband, Allen Erenbaum, and son, Joshua, and she visits her daughter, Emma, often at Barnard College.

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