Statewide Call on Public Charge Rule

Proposed Trump Administration Rule Could Hurt Immigrants with Disabilities

Friday, November 16, 2018

9:00 - 10:00 am


    • Learn how the rule might affect individuals who receive regional center services and IHSS
    • Find out how you can fight this rule before it happens

What is the proposed public charge rule?

The Trump administration announced it wants to dramatically expand the “public charge” test.  This test identifies people who may be dependent on government benefits to prevent them from getting their green card or immigrating. The proposal widens the types of benefits that could be considered in a “public charge” test to include programs such as Medicaid-funded services for people with disabilities.  The rule could force immigrant families to choose between permanent legal status and accessing critical services.

Who should join the call:

  • Leaders of community-based, family, and self-advocacy organizations, particularly those working with immigrant communities
  • Regional center staff
  • Service providers
  • Disability advocates and attorneys 

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